SOLA is no longer affiliated with RWA

SOLA has disaffiliated from RWA and is no longer operating as a writers’ organization


From Former President Devon Alexander:

I’m sad to say that due to very low attendance and a lack of qualified members able to serve on a board of directors, SOLA has been forced to dissolve. During its 37 years, SOLA has helped many wonderful authors along their journey to publication. Whether they chose the traditional or self-publishing route, SOLA always searched for ways to help in an ever-changing world. SOLA also helped many new writers, myself included, on the many different aspects of novel writing. SOLA members were always welcoming to new members, no matter who they were, and were always willing to share their love and passion for writing with each other. Even though SOLA was a romance writing organization, we welcomed anyone who had even a hint of romance in their story. Because even just a little romance still brings love to the story.

So, even though SOLA may be gone, its essence will remain. Everything learned will be used and the memories will be shared when friends gather. And many friendships were made that extend beyond the writing circle and they have created a family of friends that exists around the world.