2014 Winners

Overall Winner in all Categories

Cross Roads by Alisha Vincent

Historical Romance

First Place    Every Duke Has A Silver Lining by Phoebe Kent

Second Place (Tie)    The Cruel Romance by Marina Osipova

Scattered Seeds by Julie Doherty

Third Place  A Time for Everything by Mysti Parker

Honorable Mention  Queen of Diamonds by Karen Aragon

Romantic Suspense

First Place     The Ruby-Throated Corpse by Judy Creekmore

Second Place     D is for Dimples by Julie Roach

Third place     Running the Cobblestone by Kathryn MacDonald Schneeman

Honorable Mention     Love in the Fall Semester: Colleen and Tim by Lawrence G. Hill

Inspirational Romance

First Place     Healing Grace by Anna Taylor Sweringen

Second Place     A Pearl of Great Price by Anna Taylor Sweringen

Third Place     Rosemary’s Awakening by Donan Berg

Honorable Mention     A Treasure and a Pirate Redeemed by Debby Lee


First Place     Cherub’s Play by Steven Moores

Second Place     The Golden Horn by Megan Bates

Third Place     Intaglio by Steven Moores

Honorable Mention     Voodoo Vows by Diana Dubois

Short/Long Series Contemporary

First Place     Cross Roads by Alisha Vincent

Second Place (Tie)     Twice Tempted by Donan Berg

The Dead and Breakfast by Colleen Mooney

Third Place     Ashley, A Lake Series Romance by Donan Berg

Honorable Mention (Tie)     Love in Lilac by Donan Berg

Cooking With Riley by Brenda Moguez

Erotic Romance

First Place (Tie)     Armageddon by Michal Scott

A Woman Who Ain’t Been Asked by Michal Scott

Second Place     Alone On Earth by Michal Scott

Third Place     Small Town Religion by Krista Jenkins

Honorable Mention     A Plus Sized Woman by Valerie Bonnaire

Single Title Contemporary

First Place (Tie)     Pie Girls by Lauren Clark

A Convict in My Coffee Shop by Bonnie Rehage

Second Place     15 Days by Rebekah Millet

Third Place     The Dead and Breakfast by Colleen Mooney

Honorable Mention    Amanda’s Promise by Barbara Hussey

Novel With Strong Romantic Elements

First Place     The Sugar Prince by Teresa L. McElroy

Second Place      Hot Pursuit by Joann Greer

Third Place     The Beauty of a Tender Heart by Cheryl Rogers

Honorable Mention     Kitty’s Tale by Frances Gibbs Servello