2008 Winners

The Southern Louisiana (SOLA) Chapter of the Romance Writers of America is pleased to announce the winners in the 3rd Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest

Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler won the highest overall score

Short Contemporary:

First Place       Andrew Comes Home by Philip L. Levin

Second Place  Light the Fire by Mary Stahlke

Third Place     Shifting Sands by Karen Dodd

Romantic Suspense:

First Place        Body Language by Robin S. Sorrentino

Second Place   Got Lola on my Mind by Don Wicks

Third Place      Queen Of Envy by Madeline Vann

Single Title Contemporary:

First Place       Whatever It Takes by Louise Knott Ahern

Second Place  Barn Dance by Vicki Bendau

Third Place     Dealer’s Choice by Anne Krist


First Place      Quiet As The Grave by Marilyn Robbins

Second Place  Come Spy With Me by Bethany Miller Cole

Third Place    Upon A Moonlit Sea by Jennifer Bray-Weber and

Waltz With A Stranger by Valerie M. Schwager


First Place       Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler

Second Place   Time Hunter by Nancy Litzau

Third Place      Shrine of the Heavens by Shauna Roberts

Novel With Romantic Elements:

First Place     Ebon Wings by John David Roundtree

Second Place   Is It Safe? by Jerol Anderson

Third Place     Loves Leaves No One Behind by Claudia


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