2006 Winners


The Southern Louisiana (SOLA) Chapter of the Romance Writers of America is pleased to announce the winners in the Katrina Delayed 2nd Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest.


1st Place

Letters from Home by Kristina Y. McMorris

2nd Place

Fire at Midnight by Lisa M. Wilkinson

3rd Place

Angels at Almack’s by Catherine M. Leming

Long Contemporary

1st Place

Rainbow’s End by Sheryl Hames Torres

2nd Place

Perfect Strangers by Cheri (Dede) Harper

3rd Place

Touring Company by Bonnie Dee

Novel with Romantic Elements

1st Place

Island Healing by Virginia McCullough

2nd Place

Murmansk by Alan Chaput

3rd Place

Say Nothing by Leslie Tentler


1st Place (Tie)

Hedda’s Sword by DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson

Touching the Stars by Kristine Anderson

2nd Place (Tie)

Fugue Macabre by Charlotte Parker

Ice Magic, Fire Magic by Shauna Roberts

3rd Place

Duality by DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson

Romantic Suspense

1st Place (Tie)

A Picture of Terror by Deborah Jo Gross

Escape to Whittier Alaska by Mary Kaye

2nd Place

Southern Heat by Giustina Chinchic

3rd Place

Queen’s Justice by Pamela Kopfler

Single Title Contemporary

1st Place

A Girl Like You by Jaimie Bergeron

2nd Place

Almost A Virgin by Donna Caubarreaux

3rd Place (Tie)

From Grace, With Love by Karen E. Dodd

Borrowed Tango by Rita Horiguchi, writing as Rita St. Claire

SOLA would like to thank all the contestants who participated this year and extends its most heartfelt congratulations to the winners.

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