2005 Winners

2005 Dixie Kane Contest Winners

Historical Romance:

1st Proper Lady by Diane Ramsey

2nd Impetuous Lady by Diane Ramsey

3rd Maiden Lane Angel by Lisa Lindsay

Paranormal Romance:

1st Changing Hearts by Cai Stephan (a.k.a. Cai Smith and Stephanie Lynch)

2nd Oceans of Time by Lisa Lindsay

3rd Dawn’s Shadow by Deborah Gilbert

The Moon Demon’s Lover by Sheley Wimmer

Short Contemporary:

1st Something Beautiful by Martha McDonnaugh

2nd Broken Pieces by Martha DcDonnaugh

3rd Heaving Bosoms by Cyndi Redding (a.k.a. Cynthia K. Gregory)

Reality Bites by Angie Tyler

Single Title Contemporary:

1st Cyber-Kill by Dee S. Knight (a.k.a Kristine Anderson)

2nd Tame the Wild Heart by Margaret E. Reid

3rd The Foundation by Alan Chaput

In the Shadow of Redemption by Cindy Marolt

Romantic Suspense:

1st Blood Rite by Melanie Noto

2nd A Secret to Tell by Sue Riggins Lessor

3rd Challenging Fear by Eileen Considine