Contest Rules

1. Entries are submitted via form after payment. Multiple entries are accepted with payment for each entry.

2. Entrants do not need to be members of Romance Writers of America to enter.

3. Submit the first 5 pages of your double-spaced manuscript. You may also include your one-page, single-spaced synopsis. The synopsis will not be judged and will not affect your final overall score, but judges may comment to provide helpful information. Receipt of your entry will be sent to your email address by the contest coordinator.

4. Payment is via PayPal and is $15.00 per entry.

5. Entries must be received by midnight (C.D.T) on July 15, 2015August 15, 2015.

6. If fewer than 5 enter a category, that category will be dropped.  Each entry from the dropped category will be placed in the category selected as second choice by the contestant.  Categories are: short/long series contemporary, single title contemporary, historical romance, paranormal, inspirational, novel w/ strong romantic elements, romantic suspense, erotic romance, young adult romance, and sci-fi/fantasy.

7. Judging: All entries will be judged by 4 published or non-published trained members of RWA.  The lowest score will be dropped.  In the event of a tie for the highest overall score, the dropped score will be added in to determine the highest overall score.

8. Final Editor Readers: Gail Delaney at Desert Breeze Publishing

For Erotic Romance, Diana Carlile of The Wild Rose Press

9. Prizes:  Highest overall score in all categories receives $50 cash and a certificate. In the event of a tie for the highest overall score, a tie breaker will be applied. Also, each entrant placing will receive a certificate and their name and entry title will be announced in RWR, The New Orleans Times Picayune, SOLA’s Website, and others.

10. Bonus:  First place winning entries will be sent to final editor reader with the prospect that the editor reader may request a full or partial manuscript from the entrant and possible publication of the completed manuscript.