SOLA’s History

In the spring of 1984, the UNO Metropolitan College offered a course entitled Writing the Romance Novel taught by Vivian Connolly, local romance author. Twenty would-be writers gathered weekly to learn about the romance genre, practice their writing skills, and talk about the subject they liked best.

The class was a success, and the friendships formed proved too important to end with the final session. So the group continued to meet on a regular basis to exchange information and boost each other’s spirits.

Brenda George, a class member, volunteered her house, and for over a year, Brenda hosted the group with wine and cheese and Southern hospitality. But the group expanded and eventually reached the stage where it needed longer programs, Saturday morning meeting times, and organized business meetings.

Meetings began at the New Orleans Public Library on Canal Blvd. and slowly but surely took on more definition and order. As new people joined, more and more members began to attend the national RWA conferences, and it soon became time to affiliate with RWA.

SOLA has always been a laid-back, New Orleans style organization, dedicated to both having a good time and motivating one other. From our modest roots of a few dedicated romance writers, we have grown to accommodate writers of all genres and backgrounds. We still enjoy a sip of wine every now and then and always encourage the good words and the good times to roll!