Important Membership Dues Information

Dear SOLA members:

We recently learned that the “pay online” option via RWA National’s website is not yet active. For now, please select either one of these options to pay your dues:

1. By check, mailed to 9012 Camille Ct., New Orleans, LA 70123


2. By check or cash handed to Ann Cantrell at the next SOLA meeting (Feb.16th)

Also, if you haven’t yet done so, please take a few minutes to explore the new RWA website and review your profile and email delivery options under the tab “My Community.” (–Please note you must login to view this link.)

We will begin using RWA’s forums platform to communicate with our members (and you can use it, too!) and alert you to specific updates pertaining to SOLA. You may change your email alert settings by clicking the gear icon marked “Settings” next to the community title. You may choose one of the following:

1) Receive email alerts of a post on the discussion board in “Real Time.”
2) Receive a Daily Digest of all posts to your email.
3) Opt out of all email alerts.

Thanks for your patience!

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