August 20th Speaker – BJ Bourg



Research and Resources for Police Procedures
“Research and Resources for Police Procedures” caters to all writers—regardless of genre—who might someday need a cop, a gun, or a crime for one of their stories. After explaining what led him to write mysteries, BJ will detail some of the realities of police work, provide some basic information on firearms, and explain some misconceptions about various crimes. He will then discuss some research opportunities and provide a list of free resources for writers who want to “right” the police procedural aspects of their fiction.
During a law enforcement career spanning more than twenty-five years, BJ Bourg has worked as a patrol cop, SWAT operator, detective sergeant, sniper leader, police academy instructor, and chief investigator for a district attorney’s office. In addition to being a firearms instructor, TASER instructor, and defensive tactics instructor, he’s a former professional boxer and a lifelong martial artist.
A lifelong resident of Louisiana, BJ is the author of four traditionally published novels, one of which garnered a 2016 EPIC eBook Awards Finalist in the Mystery category, and he has had nearly 200 stories and articles published in many places, including national magazines such as Woman’s World, Boys’ Life, and Writer’s Digest. He is a regular contributor to two of the country’s leading law enforcement magazines, Tactical Response and Law and Order, and he has presented many police procedural lessons at law enforcement and writing conferences. Additionally, he runs Flash Bang Mysteries, a quarterly online magazine that aims to publish some of the best flash fiction in the business.
Above all else, BJ is a father and husband, and the highlight of his life is spending time with his family. When not working, exercising, cutting grass, or writing, he stares longingly toward the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where he hopes to someday retire to a life of writing. In the meantime, he lives in Lafourche Parish with his son, Brandon (when he’s in from law school), daughter, Grace, step-daughter, Kate, and beautiful wife, Amanda.