May Meeting Reminder Featuring Ursula Whistler

ursula headshot

Join SOLA on Saturday, May 16th at 10AM for our monthly meeting featuring Ursula Whistler.

A few years ago, Ursula Whistler got annoyed at a misunderstanding that happened with a group blog. That anger spurred her to write an erotic romance, which she published. Through some more writing and plenty of support from her colleagues of the Southern Louisiana Romance Writers and RWA, she kept writing contemporary erotic romances mostly set in New Orleans.

Now that she’s moved to Florida, she’s writing and publishing with The Wild Rose Press as she adjusts to beach life and caring for her ailing mother. You won’t hear much about her mother unless you follow her on Facebook or Twitter, but at her website she writes the stories behind the stories and other snapshots of her life.

You can interact with her on her website where she blogs about writing, inspiration for writing, and her oversized Bichon Frise. Ursula will always say that she isn’t bad, she just writes that way.

Creating a Vibrant Newsletter

Social media can take over an author’s life and writing time. To gain an audience in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, you have to interact, but you must also get that butt in the chair with your fingers on the keyboard. I haven’t even mentioned keeping up a website! 

One way to reach readers directly to their inboxes is a newsletter featuring your favorite bits from your writing life, a book you read, etc. But, how to do that! Learn about the multiple platforms available for free and how to fill your newsletter with what readers like to read.

Prospective members may attend two meetings of SOLA before deciding to join. Our meetings are held from 10 am-noon on the third Saturday of every month, except December, at the Jefferson Parish Library Eastbank Regional Library, 4747 W. Napoleon Avenue in Metairie, LA. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early*.

*Capacity for the Napoleon Room at the library is 45 in the tables-with-chairs seating arrangement. In order to comply with fire safety regulations, members and guests will be turned away when capacity is reached.