SOLA Sponsors the Day of Atonement for your Writing Sins

Children watch a parade during the day in New Orleans.

As many of you know, not much gets done during Carnival. There are friends having parties. There is king cake. There are parades and balls to attend. Getting from one place to another is close to impossible at certain times of the day and evening. New Orleans is a city that knows how to party (and to clean up after one).

As a writer, the time of year is just as challenging as those other winter holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve/Day. Knowing this, SOLA is sponsoring a Day of Atonement on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 13th or on Valentine’s Day if you’d like to give yourself the lovely gift of writing love.

The rules are simple. If you are a member of SOLA, fill out this form with your email, name and the number of words you hope to accomplish after Mardi Gras. You have two days to write. On Feb. 15th, you’ll receive an email asking for your totals. Members who attend the monthly meeting on Saturday, Feb. 16th and who have reached their atonement goals will be recognized for their achievements.